Author Guide to General Administration

The General Administration offices of the Press include finance, operations, rights management, fundraising, publishing services, and the directorship.

Secure Author Portal

Contracted authors may upload any documents requested here via our secure Author Portal. Password required.



UNC Press files copyrights for every book we publish, either in the Press’s or the author’s name, according to our contractual agreement. Your Author Questionnaire packet includes a Copyright Application Query that provides us with the information we need to file an accurate copyright, including your birthdate, citizenship, domicile, and whether or not an earlier version of your work has been previously registered with the copyright office.

Questions about filing copyright or suspected violation of copyright should be addressed to Kylie Haggin at

You can fill out the Copyright Application Query Form in the secure Author Portal.

Subsidiary Rights

Subsidiary Rights

The subsidiary rights program at the Press offers a suite of options tailored to fulfill the market potential of each book we publish. These include, when appropriate, the sale of audio book rights, book club rights, translation, dramatic rights, and first serial excerpts.

We have developed a particularly robust foreign rights program. Our agent, JLS Literary, attends the annual Frankfurt Book Fair and works with agents from around the world to expand the global reach of our publications. We regularly license foreign language editions as well as English language reprints in areas like the U.K. and South Asia, where local publishers have marketing networks in place. The Author Questionnaire you receive from the marketing department includes a question about foreign market potential.

Our permissions program processes requests to reprint material from our publications, and, when appropriate, makes them available for course use. Usually a fee is involved in reprints, but when an author wishes to revise material from their own book for another publication, that fee is waived, as it is for certain non-profits, or for short excerpts that clearly qualify as fair use.

Book club, audio, subsidiary, and serial rights and permissions queries should be addressed to John McLeod at



Authors are the heart of UNC Press publishing, and as such, authors and their books are the focus of Press fundraising. Private support provides the margin of excellence. Book sales cover approximately 80% of Press expenses, public support from the state of North Carolina another 6%, and private fundraising revenues the critical remaining 14%.

Private fundraising takes several forms. Named endowment funds like the Blythe Family Fund supporting regional trade books, or the John Hope Franklin Fund supporting African American studies, are created by individuals and foundations to support areas of publishing. The Authors Fund is an expendable fund supporting first books by emerging scholars, created by authors and heirs donating royalties back to the Press. Links to these and additional giving options can be explored here:

UNC Press supports you every step of the way to ensure the strongest possible publication that carries both your name and ours. As a UNC Press author, you can support the Press in each stage of the publishing process by exploring title subventions from your home institution before going under contract, saying a few words about the role of the Press at your book events once published, and considering donating your royalties to the Authors Fund at some point in the later life of your book.

Author Royalties

Author Royalties

The Press shares book sales revenue with our authors in the form of royalties. We generate over a half million dollars in payments to our authors annually. Royalty accounting is complex, especially for first-time authors. We establish a new royalty account for each author beginning with the fully executed contract. But there are a number of other forms we need in order to make the process as seamless as possible for you.

Tax Forms

Every author is required to fill out a tax form, which we request at the contracting stage. However, if you need to submit a tax form at any other time, you can download it here and then upload it to the Author Portal.

Domestic authors will fill out at W-9 tax form. Changes in name, entity type, or Tax Identification Number require a new W-9; however, address changes do not. Address changes can be made through the Online Change of Address Form.

Non-U.S. authors will fill out a W-8BEN (individuals) or a W-8BEN-E (entities) form rather than a W-9. These forms are valid for three years from the date signed. Address changes for a foreign recipient require an updated W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E. Please consult your tax professional should you need help in completing these forms.

Authorization to Wire Funds

Direct Deposit for Royalties

Please contact for information about receiving payments via direct deposit.

Change of Address

Changes in name, entity type or TIN require a new W-9: however, address changes do not. Address changes for a foreign recipient require an updated W-8BEN or W-8BENE.