Journal of the Civil War Era

Summer 2012 Issue

Volume 2: Number 2

Edited by William A. Blair

176 pp., 6 x 9

  • eBook ISBN: 978-0-8078-5264-4
    Published: June 2012

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The Journal of the Civil War Era

Volume 2, Number 2

June 2012


New Approaches to Internationalizing the History of the Civil War Era: A Special Issue

Editor’s Note William Blair


W. Caleb Mcdaniel & Bethany L. Johnson

New Approaches to Internationalizing the History of the Civil War: An Introduction

Gale L. Kenny

Manliness and Manifest Racial Destiny: Jamaica and African American Emigration in the 1850s

Edward B. Rugemer

Slave Rebels and Abolitionists: The Black Atlantic and the Coming of the Civil War

Peter Kolchin

Comparative Perspectives on Emancipation in the U.S. South: Reconstruction, Radicalism, and Russia

Susan-Mary Grant

The Lost Boys: Citizen-Soldiers, Disabled Veterans, and Confederate Nationalism in the Age of People’s War

Book Reviews

Books Received

Professional Notes

Mark W. Geiger

“Follow the Money”

Notes on Contributors

The Journal of the Civil War Era takes advantage of the flowering of research on the many issues raised by the sectional crisis, war, Reconstruction, and memory of the conflict, while bringing fresh understanding to the struggles that defined the period, and by extension, the course of American history in the nineteenth century.

About the Author

William Blair is professor of U.S. history and director of the George and Ann Richards Civil War Era Center at the Pennsylvania State University. He is author of Cities of the Dead: Contesting the Memory of the Civil War in the South (UNC Press).
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