Pickles and Preserves

By Marion Brown

Foreword by Damon Lee Fowler

304 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, index

  • Paperback ISBN: 978-0-8078-5418-1
    Published: September 2002
  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-4696-5034-0
    Published: August 2018

Chapel Hill Books

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"The conservation of food by pickling and preserving is an old and honorable art," writes Marion Brown in her introduction to Pickles and Preserves, first published in 1955. While the art of food preservation does indeed have a long history, it is also very much in step with contemporary interest in natural foods and home gardening. As the popularity of farmers' markets, natural food stores, and garden-to-table cookbooks attests, Americans are once again hungry for the taste of authentic home cooking.

With its heirloom recipes and clear instructions, Pickles and Preserves introduces the modern cook to a wonderful piece of America's culinary heritage. The book's 408 recipes not only cover pickles and preserves but also relishes, conserves, jellies, marmalades, chutneys, jams, fruit butters, pickled meats, mincemeats, ketchups, sauces, and candied fruits. Many of the recipes are surprisingly quick and simple. Many are for special delicacies to be savored with a holiday meal or given as gifts. Damon Fowler's new foreword expands and updates Brown's notes on preserving methods, equipment, and safety. The book will be useful to canners of all levels of experience.

About the Author

Marion Brown (1903-1995) was author of the classic Marion Brown's Southern Cook Book (1951, 1968), one of the country's earliest regional cookbooks.
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"How lucky we are that this canning classic has been reissued. . . . Pickles and Preserves itself preserves a piece of our culinary heritage--408 recipes for everything from Artichoke Pickle to Pickled Blueberries, Georgia Chow-Chow to Rhubarb Chutney, Dill String Beans to Spiced Apple Jelly and an array of catsups made from cucumbers, cranberries, mushrooms and grapes. An old treasure for a new generation of cooks."--BookPage

"It is a pleasure to introduce a new generation of cooks and readers to Marion Brown's charming Pickles and Preserves, and to the remarkable woman who wrote it. . . . With Mrs. Brown as guide, even novices, busy professionals, and occasional cooks can successfully master this rewarding home art."--Damon Lee Fowler, from the Foreword