Mama Dip's Family Cookbook

By Mildred Council

296 pp., 6 x 8.5, 17 illus., 2-color throughout, index

  • Paperback ISBN: 978-0-8078-5655-0
    Published: October 2005
  • Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-8078-2989-9
    Published: October 2005
  • eBook ISBN: 978-0-8078-8952-7
    Published: November 2009

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Awards & distinctions

A Library Journal Editors' Pick for Fall 2005

Fall 2005 Editors' Pick, Library Journal

In this much-anticipated follow-up to her bestselling Mama Dip's Kitchen, Mildred "Mama Dip" Council serves up an abundance of new recipes for home-style Southern cooking that is sure to please. From catfish gumbo to breakfast pizza and peach upside-down cake, Mama Dip's Family Cookbook offers recipes for more than three hundred dishes, including many Council family favorites. Also featured are party and celebration foods for family and community gatherings--a reflection of Council's belief that friends and family are essential to a rewarding life. To help novice cooks, Council includes basic information about staple ingredients, kitchen utensils, and important measurements, as well as diagrams for setting up a buffet.

In a charming introductory essay, Council intertwines food-related reminiscences of her rural North Carolina upbringing with a wry recounting of her experiences since the remarkable success of her first book. With this book she passes along to new generations the practical advice and wisdom that have made her a treasure to her family and her community.

About the Author

Mildred C. Council (1929-2018) was founder and cook of Mama Dip's Kitchen in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She was well known and widely respected for her cooking, her charisma, and her longtime community service. In 2004, she was given the North Carolina Restaurant Association Neighbor Award for her involvement with Chapel Hill's annual Community Dinner. Her first book, Mama Dip's Kitchen, earned her thousands of new fans all over the country.
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"Celebrating the importance of family and community, Mama Dip's Family Cookbook puts the spirit of the holidays into words and on the table."--Chapel Hill Magazine

"[Council] continues to showcase her downhome recipes, favorites like sweet potato casserole, catfish gumbo, and honey mustard chicken breast . . . ."--Library Journal

"[A] charming Tar Heel treasure."--Our State

"The recipes [in Mama Dip's Family Cookbook] trace the amazing arc of [Mildred Council's] life, from the Souse Meat of her farm childhood, the Fruit Jell-O Salad she cooked for the University of North Carolina fraternities, to the Family Christmas Greeting Tray made by her daughter Annette, and the Sweet Potato Biscuits she cooked with Sara Moulton on the Food Network. . . . Mama Dip's short lists of ingredients and straightforward directions make satisfying meals come together. . . . [Her] party foods, casseroles and baking are really extraordinary. . . . These recipes deserve to be cooked and enjoyed in all their glory."--Appetite for Books

"The recipes in Council's book are the kind that make [one] want to go straight to the kitchen and start cooking. . . . Mama Dip's Family Cookbook is . . . packed with wonderful recipes. [It is recommended] highly for that reason, as well as the story of Mildred Council's life and fame as a Southern cook."--Wilson Daily Times

"Council is old school South, the way your grandma used to cook--fried chicken or pork chops and pots bubbling with pork-seasoned vegetables. She calls it 'country cooking.'"--Raleigh News & Observer