Hearthside Cooking

Early American Southern Cuisine Updated for Today's Hearth and Cookstove

Second Edition

By Nancy Carter Crump

Foreword by Sandra Oliver

352 pp., 6.125 x 9.25, 55 illus., 250 recipes, notes, bibl., index

  • Paperback ISBN: 978-0-8078-5913-1
    Published: August 2012
  • eBook ISBN: 978-0-8078-8954-1
    Published: November 2009

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For cooks who want to experience a link to culinary history, Hearthside Cooking is a treasure trove of early American delights. First published in 1986, it has become a standard guide for museum interpreters and guides, culinary historians, historical re-enactors, campers, scouts, and home cooks interested in foodways and experimenting with new recipes and techniques.

Hearthside Cooking contains recipes for more than 250 historic dishes, including breads, soups, entrées, cakes, custards, sauces, and more. For each dish, Nancy Carter Crump provides two sets of instructions, so dishes can be prepared over the open fire or using modern kitchen appliances. For novice hearthside cooks, Crump offers specific tips for proper hearth cooking, including fire construction, safety, tools, utensils, and methods.

More than just a cookbook, Hearthside Cooking also includes information about the men and women who wrote the original recipes, which Crump discovered by scouring old Virginia cookbooks, hand-written receipt books, and other primary sources in archival collections. With this new edition, Crump includes additional information on African American foodways, how the Civil War affected traditional southern food customs, and the late-nineteenth-century transition from hearth to stove cooking. Hearthside Cooking offers twenty-first-century cooks an enjoyable, informative resource for traditional cooking.

About the Author

Nancy Carter Crump is a culinary historian and founder of the Culinary Historians of Virginia.
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"Brush up on old-school cooking techniques and dive into comfort foods of the South."--Hobby Farm Home Magazine

"One of our great pioneers in American culinary history, and still one of its preeminent authorities, Nancy Carter Crump is a hands-on kind of historian who knows her way around a hearth. Her classic Hearthside Cooking belongs in every historian’s library and is an indispensable handbook, not only for historians, but for anyone else who wants to master this vanishing art."--Damon Lee Fowler, author of Classical Southern Cooking and The Savannah Cookbook

"It is wonderful to find good books improved on, and that's precisely what Crump has done with this expanded, second edition. . . . The new findings . . . bring the old Virginia kitchens more to life. . . . This is a fine work whose main achievement is the recipes. It offers an excellent beginning for the professional or amateur historian, the chef with special interest in historical Virginia, or the cook who simply likes to experiment."--The Art of Eating

"This unique book offers us a rare insight into the foods, dishes and cooking styles of our forebears. . . . A welcome addition to the kitchen bookshelf or home library."--Moore County Citizen News-Record

"Nancy Carter Crump is a pioneer in American food history, or at least one of the earliest settlers in the field. . . . While you will learn about traditional Virginia cuisine and its history, you will also find in this book an infectious enthusiasm for fireplace cookery."--Sandra Oliver, from the Foreword

"Anyone fascinated with early American history has a treat in store. To sample any of these delicious recipes--whether cooked on the hearth or on the stove--is to literally taste the past. A delightful resource for historians and cooks alike."--Patricia Brady, author of Nelly Custis Lewis's Housekeeping Book and Martha Washington: An American Life