Southern Cultures: The Memory Issue

Fall 2011 Issue

Volume 17: Number 3

Edited by Harry L. Watson, Jocelyn Neal

7 x 10

  • eBook ISBN: 978-0-8078-6841-6
    Published: September 2011

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Distributed for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Center for the Study of the American South

Personal. Public. Historical. This issue of Southern Cultures is devoted entirely to Memory. . .

Front Porch

by Harry L. Watson

“As the Soviets used to joke about their own politically driven histories, ‘The present we know; the future is certain. Only the past is unpredictable.’”

“Truth is mighty & will eventually prevail”

Political Correctness, Neo-Confederates, and Robert E. Lee

by Peter S. Carmichael

“While northerners might appear comparatively apathetic about the memory of the Union cause, white southerners have been tenacious in searching for moral clarity in the past.”

“Personal in My Memory”

The South in Popular Film

by some of our favorite writers and filmmakers, with an introduction by Godfrey Cheshire

“We have two imaginary kingdoms. One, ‘the South,’ exists primarily in song, oral

traditions and folkways, native art and literature. The other, ‘Hollywood,’ creates mass-produced audiovisual entertainments for American and world audiences, and develops its own mythology.”

No Sweat

Memories of Southern Appalachia

by Danny Fulks

“Cooney Simms, the grocer, had a big Philco floor-model radio with push buttons and short wave. Neighbors gathered around when Joe Lewis was fighting. And wasn’t he always this good giant who whipped Adolph Hitler’s man Max Schmeling? Static wasn’t too bad; one could hear Franklin Roosevelt’s fireside chats if they didn’t come on the same time as the Grand Ole Opry.”

Mountain Feminist: Helen Matthews Lewis, Appalachian Studies, and the Long Women’s Movement

from an interview by Jessica Wilkerson

compiled and introduced by Jessica Wilkerson and David P. Cline

Judge Thomas Ruffin and the Shadows of Southern History

by Sally Greene

Hot Springs, Arkansas

by Keith Maillard

Catfish and Home

by Josh Eure

“Big Bone Lick,” “Big Talk,” and “Flush”

three poems by Robert Morgan

About the Authors

Harry L. Watson is director of the Center for the Study of the American South and professor of history at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is cofounder, with John Shelton Reed, of Southern Cultures.
For more information about Harry L. Watson, visit the Author Page.

Jocelyn Neal teaches music theory, analysis, and popular music courses. She regularly presents her research at national conferences on American music, popular music, music theory, and cultural studies.
For more information about Jocelyn Neal, visit the Author Page.


“The rich array of photographs and graphics, and the sincere and effective attempt at readerly appeal, go well beyond what is attempted by most… Southern Cultures is truly impressive.”--The Council of Editors of Learned Journals