Fishing North Carolina's Outer Banks

The Complete Guide to Catching More Fish from Surf, Pier, Sound, and Ocean

By Stan Ulanski

216 pp., 6.125 x 9.25, 35 drawings, 14 illus., 6 figs., 5 maps, 1 table, appends., index

  • Paperback ISBN: 978-0-8078-7207-9
    Published: September 2011
  • eBook ISBN: 978-0-8078-6926-0
    Published: September 2011

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In this hands-on, how-to guide to fishing North Carolina's Outer Banks, expert fisherman Stan Ulanski combines his enthusiasm, his experience, and his scientific expertise to show anglers how to catch more fish.

Focusing on the essential but often misunderstood links between recreational fishing and the biology, geography, and natural history of the region, Fishing North Carolina's Outer Banks fosters an understanding of the aquatic environment of one of the nation's prime fishing destinations. Ulanski reveals the best approaches to the six main Outer Banks angling scenarios: surf, pier, sound, offshore, inshore, and reef, ledge, and shipwreck fishing. The book features illustrated fish profiles--each loaded with essential information, including identification, food value, and habitat pointers--and species-specific fishing tips for thirty-five of the Outer Banks' most common game fish. And, once you've made your catch, Ulanski provides important storing, cleaning, and cooking advice--including six of his favorite fresh fish recipes. This is a trusty tackle box tool for planning fishing trips to the Outer Banks and for understanding the underwater setting of the fish you're out to catch.

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About the Author

Stan Ulanski is professor of geology and environmental science at James Madison University and author of The Gulf Stream: Tiny Plankton, Giant Bluefin, and the Amazing Story of the Powerful River in the Atlantic. He is a passionate angler who has fished all along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.
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"The book seamlessly blends the technical aspects of fishing with the natural history of that famous stretch of sand less than a half-day's drive from Richmond. The result is a page turner for both curious angler and Outer Banks lover who doesn't necessarily go there to fish. . . . there's something for anyone who loves the Outer Banks in this book."--Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Blending the science of the sea with fishing techniques, Stan Ulanski's excellent guide will have you catching more fish in no time."--Jeffrey A. Buckel, North Carolina State University, and angler for more than 30 years

"Written for a broad audience of novice and intermediate anglers who want to know more than just how to catch a fish and what tackle to use, this book contains the same kind of essential knowledge I impart during my programs."--Mac Currin, proprietor, Sport Fishing Adventures

"Fishing North Carolina’s Outer Banks is one of the most complete works I’ve seen on fishing of any sort in the Tar Heel state. Stan Ulanski does an excellent job of balancing science, history, and local knowledge on fishing opportunities from the sound to the Gulf Steam. Tackle, techniques, access--even threats--to various angling venues are covered, and Ulanski includes a brief fish prep and recipe section at the end. Any angler can learn from this book."--Mike Zlotnicki, award-winning journalist and conservationist