Una armonía de caprichos

El discurso de respuesta en la prosa de Rubén Darío

By Francisco Solares-Larrave

Una armonía de caprichos

174 pp., 6 x 9, notes

  • Paperback ISBN: 978-0-8078-9292-3
    Published: January 2007

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Through a political and cultural reading of Rubén Darío's canonical works, Francisco Solares-Larrave articulates an innovative view of Spanish American modernismo as a cultural reply to Europe. Unlike other studies of the politics of the movement, which explore Darío's overt political works, this study looks for the covert, less evident political statements in his artistic literary and journalistic prose. Solares-Larrave demonstrates the cultural transformations of the time while presenting Darío's contributions to Spanish American literature as his reply to Europe, the cultural center of the time. The rebelliousness, political awareness, and cultural criticism that appear in Darío's prose make a sharp contrast to his traditional image as a writer blind to the political and social circumstances of the time, whose work was derided as escapist and shallow.

About the Author

Francisco Solares-Larrave was born in Guatemala and is associate professor of Spanish at Northern Illinois University. He coedited a collection of Darío's journalistic works in El Correo de la tarde and has authored essays on modernista and nineteenth-century Spanish American writers.
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