So Great the Devastation

The 1916 Flood in Western North Carolina

By Jessica A. Bandel

So Great the Devastation

Approx. 48 pp., 6.75 x 10, 15 color plates., 16 halftones, 15 color; 16 halftones; 2 bitmaps

  • Paperback ISBN: 978-0-8652-6481-6
    Published: January 2016

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Distributed for the North Carolina Office of Archives and History

In mid-July 1916, the remnants of two hurricanes collided over western North Carolina, inundating the mountain region and the western Piedmont with historic rainfall. The result was catastrophic. Landslides wiped out whole families. Currents ripped babies from their parents’ arms. Rivers washed away thousands of jobs. When the water finally receded, at least fifty lay dead, damages totaled in the millions of dollars, and a thick black sludge remained where crops once stood. One hundred years later, the storm remains one of the worst ever experienced in the Tar Heel State.

About the Author

Jessica A. Bandel has been a research historian with the North Carolina Office of Archives and History since 2013. She is a co-author of The Old North State at War: The North Carolina Civil War Atlas (2015).
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