Roy Underhill's The Woodwright's Shop Classic Collection, Omnibus E-book

Includes The Woodwright's Shop, The Woodwright's Companion, and The Woodwright's Workbook

Omnibus E-book

By Roy Underhill

680 pp

  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-4696-0139-7
    Published: June 2012

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For more than twenty-five years, Roy Underhill has taught the techniques of traditional hand-tool woodworking. In six books and on his popular, long-running PBS series, The Woodwright's Shop, America's leading authority on old-time woodcraft has inspired millions to take up chisel and plane.

This Omnibus Ebook brings together the first three books into a collection of Woodwright classics. Designed for both woodworking novices and for more seasoned woodworkers looking for enjoyable projects, these books feature step-by-step instructions, complete with easy-to-follow photographs and measured drawings.

Included in this Omnibus Ebook edition:

The Woodwright's Shop

A Practical Guide to Traditional Woodcraft

Features a guide to trees and tools as well as chapters on gluts and mauls, shaving horses, chairs, lathes, blacksmithing, log houses, and more.

The Woodwright's Companion

Exploring Traditional Woodcraft

Includes chapters on helves and handles, saws, the search for the whetstone quarry, hurdles, whimmy diddles, planes, window sashes, and pit sawing.

The Woodwright's Workbook

Further Explorations in Traditional Woodcraft

With step-by-step instructions for tool chests, workbenches, lathes, and historical reproductions of items for the home. Roy also explores building barns, boats, and even colonial fortresses.

About the Author

The longtime master housewright at Colonial Williamsburg, Roy Underhill is the leading authority on old-time woodworking techniques. He created The Woodwright's Shop for public television in 1979. The series, produced by the University of North Carolina Center for Public Television, has aired nationally since 1981, with thirteen new programs introduced each year. Roy is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and holds a master's degree from Duke University.

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