Nortin Hadler's 4-Volume Healthcare Omnibus E-Book

Includes Worried Sick, Stabbed in the Back, Rethinking Aging, and The Citizen Patient

Omnibus E-Book

By Nortin M. Hadler, M.D.

1143 pp., 6.125 x 9.25

  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-4696-1277-5
    Published: April 2013

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This four-volume Omnibus E-Book is a collection of Nortin Hadler's definitive works on the state of healthcare in America today. The set includes:

Worried Sick: A Prescription for Health in an Overtreated America, Hadler's best-seller that shows consumers how to distinguish good medical advice from persuasive medical marketing, make better decisions about their personal health, and use that wisdom to inform their perspectives on health-policy issues. This Omnibus includes the new preface by the author and a new foreword by Shannon Brownlee and Jeanne Lenzer;

Stabbed in the Back: Confronting Back Pain in an Overtreated Society, takes the "Hadlerian" approach to backaches and the backache treatment industry, arguing that regional back pain is overly medicalized by doctors, surgeons, and alternative therapists and that the design of workers' compensation, disability insurance, and other "health" schemes actually thwarts getting well; and

Rethinking Aging: Growing Old and Living Well in an Overtreated Society, in which Hadler offers a doctor's perspective on the medical literature as well as his long clinical experience to help readers assess their health-care options and make informed medical choices in the last decades of life.

And, in Dr. Hadler's newest, The Citizen Patient: Reforming Health Care for the Sake of the Patient, Not the System, he urges American health-care consumers to take time to understand the existing system and to visualize what the outcome of successful reform might look like. Central to this vision is a shared understanding of the primacy of the relationship between doctor and patient. Hadler shows us that a new approach is necessary if we hope to improve the health of the populace. Rational health care, he argues, is far less expensive than the irrationality of the status quo.

This invaluable set -- collected here for the first time in a 4-volume Omnibus E-Book, is a must have for anyone interested in navigating the complex issues surrounding their healthcare, and improving their well-being as they age.

About the Author

Nortin M. Hadler, M.D., M.A.C.P., M.A.C.R., F.A.C.O.E.M., is emeritus professor of medicine and microbiology/immunology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and attending rheumatologist at UNC Hospitals.
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"[Dr. Hadler] is a longtime debunker of much that the establishment holds dear. . . . Reviewing the data behind many of the widely endorsed medical truths of our day, he concludes that most come up too short on benefit and too high on risk to justify widespread credence. . . . Raise[s] serious questions."--The New York Times

"Having guidelines for reimbursement that went through a Hadlerian analysis is not a bad place to start reducing medical care costs without reducing the quality of patient outcomes. A much more politically attractive, and potentially quite effective, reform would make it routine for patients to be exposed to Hadler's kind of analyses whenever they are asked to consider any significant medical intervention."--Journal of the American Medical Association

"[Hadler has] the knowledge, power, and moral obligation to reject the false coin of commerce and technological hype and to reassert the primacy of the patient."--New England Journal of Medicine