Journal of the Civil War Era

Summer 2014 Issue

Volume 4: Number 2

Edited by William A. Blair


  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-4696-1598-1
    Published: June 2014

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The Journal of the Civil War Era

Volume 4, Number 2

June 2014


Tom Watson Brown Book Award

John Fabian Witt

Civil War Historians and the Laws of War


Chandra Manning

Working for Citizenship in Civil War Contraband Camps

Michael F. Conlin

The Dangerous Isms and the Fanatical Ists: Antebellum Conservatives in the South and the North Confront the Modernity Conspiracy

Nicholas Guyatt

“An Impossible Idea?” The Curious Career of Internal Colonization

Review Essay

John Craig Hammond

Slavery, Sovereignty, and Empires: North American Borderlands and the American Civil War, 1660-1860

Book Reviews

Books Received

Professional Notes

Jill Ogline Titus

An Unfinished Struggle: Sesquicentennial Interpretations of Slavery and Emancipation