The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

Vol. XI: 7 April - 30 September 1782

Edited by Dennis M. Conrad, Roger N. Parks

Assisted by Elizabeth C. Stevens and Nathaniel N. Shipton

The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

856 pp., 6.125 x 9.25, 13 illus., 4 maps , notes, index

  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4696-2298-9
    Published: May 2015

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This volume continues the best and most detailed study of the Revolutionary War in the South. In more than 1,000 documents, it traces the British evacuation of Georgia as well as General Nathanael Greene's ongoing efforts to force a British withdrawal from South Carolina.

Despite evidence that the British were planning to pull out of the lower South, Greene twice turned down British proposals for an end to hostilities in the region, and the fighting and killing continued. Mistrusting his enemy's motives, Greene reasoned that only a militarily strong and politically unified America could convince Britain to abandon entirely its campaign to subdue the new nation. Greene's efforts to bolster his forces were thwarted, however, by an increasing war-weariness among the American people, a lack of supplies, and an outbreak of malaria. Despite these problems, Greene and his army enjoyed some success with the British withdrawal from Savannah and a decrease in the threat posed by Indians on the southern frontier.

About the Authors

Dennis M. Conrad, an editor of the Greene Papers since 1983, is a specialist on Greene's southern campaigns.
For more information about Dennis M. Conrad, visit the Author Page.

Associate editor Roger N. Parks has been with the project since 1989.

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"This comprehensive and authoritative edition of [Nathanael Greene's] papers-a tribute to the scholars who for more than thirty years gathered and prepared texts-makes clear what a complex and talented man Greene was and why the winning of independence was such an arduous task."--Journal of Southern History

"The Papers of Nathanael Greene took over a generation to complete and the institutional sponsors of the thirteen volumes should be applauded for their sustained commitment. Equally impressive is the ability of successive editors to maintain high editorial standards over such a long period. These volumes will endure."--Journal of Military History

"Like the previous volumes of Greene papers, [these five] maintain the highest standards of editorial excellence. . . . Their publication offers an opportunity to examine American conduct of the military effort in the South, primarily by assessing Greene's role as commander of the Southern Department."--William & Mary Quarterly

"[This book] will be a useful resource for scholars and students seeking to understand life in the South in the waning months of the Revolution. . . . The editors' careful and clear annotation helps the reader navigate through the documents. This book lives up to the reputation of its predecessors in this fine series."--North Carolina Historical Review