The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

Vol. VII: 26 December 1780-29 March 1781

Edited by Richard K. Showman, Dennis M. Conrad, Roger N. Parks

The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

586 pp., 6.125 x 9.25

  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4696-2307-8
    Published: May 2015

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The seventh volume of the Papers of Nathanael Greene documents a crucial period of the American Revolution in the South. In the first months of 1781, Nathanael Greene, who had taken command of the Southern Army only weeks before, initiated the campaign that would ultimately free the South from British occupation. These months saw the pivotal engagement at Cowpens, the 'Race to the Dan'--in which Greene's army marched the breadth of North Carolina with the British in close pursuit--and the climactic battle of Guilford Court House. In March 1781, Greene decided to break off his pursuit of Lord Cornwallis's force in North Carolina and instead march into South Carolina to challenge British control there. This decision, among others made during this critical period, established Greene's reputation as a brilliant military strategist. The documents in this volume provide new insight into how and why Greene chose as he did.

About the Authors

Richard K. Showman, chief editor of this series since its inception, has retired since the completion of this volume.
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Dennis M. Conrad, an editor of the Greene Papers since 1983, is a specialist on Greene's southern campaigns
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Associate editor Roger N. Parks has been with the project since 1989.
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"The editors of the Greene Papers must be commended for their superb work in selection, transcription, and annotation. . . . Scholars of American civil-military relations and the impact of the Revolution on civilian society will be remiss if they do not tap into the rich materials found in these volumes."--Military History

"The Papers of Nathanael Greene took over a generation to complete and the institutional sponsors of the thirteen volumes should be applauded for their sustained commitment. Equally impressive is the ability of successive editors to maintain high editorial standards over such a long period. These volumes will endure."--Journal of Military History