Past, Present, and Future

Proceedings of the Second Biennial Linear Parks Conference (1987)


350 pp., 6 x 9, notes

  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4696-4202-4
    Published: January 1988

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Distributed for Appalachian State University

The Second Biennial Linear Parks Conference was held in Roanoke, Virginia, in 1987. Contributors to the proceedings are Gilbert W. Leebrick; Barry Buxton; Douglas Cruickshanks Jr.; Gary Everhardt; H.B. Ewert; John B. Slater; Harrold Eidsvik; Robert T. Mooney; Walter Rogers; Gary Klinedinst; Sarah Georgia Harrison; Bruce F. Leeson; Sally Schauman and Mary Jorgensen; William G.E. Blair and Curtis A. Miller; Frank B. Burggraf; Lynn Miller; David Hill; Allan S. Cooksey and Peter A. Oppermann; David P. Hill; Domenico Annese; Ethan Carr; Bacil Warren; Paul Skidmore and Arnold Alanen; Jere L. Krakow; Philip A. Grant; Lisle S. Mitchell; William W. Davis and Margaret F. Plemmons; J. Dan Pittillo; Steven Elkinton and Lou A. DeLorme IV; George C. Hemmens; Jean Haskell Speer; Peter Baril; Edward McMahon; Richard G. Wasill; Granville Liles; Gary W. Johnson and M. Wayne Colebank; Benjamin Johnson and William Shepherd; Allan B. Cooksey and Peter A. Oppermann; Worth H. Hester, Dennis L. Soden, and Robert J. Meadows; Joseph T. Manzo; Garrett A. Smathers; Richard C. Smardon, James F. Palmer, and Timothy R. Day; Dennis L. Soden; and William G. Smith.