Parkways, Greenways, Riverways

A Partnership for Beauty and Progress

Proceedings of the Fourth Biennial Linear Parks Conference (1991)

Parkways, Greenways, Riverways

Approx. 144 pp

  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4696-4214-7
    Published: January 1994

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Distributed for Appalachian State University

The Fourth Biennial Linear Parks Conference was held in Charlottesville, Virginia, on November 12-14, 1991. Contributors to the proceedings are Philip A. Grant Jr.; Helen Cozzetto and Don Cozzetto; Judy Byrd Brittenum; Neil P. Korostoff, Thomas G. Yahner, and Timothy P. Johnson; Wayne E. Williams, Delmar W. Barchert, Paul L. Gaskill, and Holly Pierce; Helen Smythers; Herman F. Senter and James P. Jarvis; James L. Sipes and Richard F. Ostergaard; Stephanie A. Rolley; Shiego Sudo; Michael L. O’Brien, William E. Shepherd, and Sarah Duncan; Stephanie Secrest; Randy Mason; T. Allan Comp; Paul E. Skidmore and Bruce F. Woods; Sarah Duncan and William E. Shepherd; and Hubert Hinote.