CrossCurrents: Global Theology

Volume 62, Number 4, December 2012

Edited by Charles Henderson

CrossCurrents: Global Theology

142 pp., 6 x 9

  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4696-6674-7
    Published: December 2012

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Distributed for the Association for Public Religion and Intellectual Life

CrossCurrents connects the wisdom of the heart with the life of the mind and the experiences of the body. The journal is operated through its parent organization, the Association for Public Religion and Intellectual Life (APRIL), an interreligious network of academics, activists, artists, and community leaders seeking to engage the many ways religion meets the public. Contributions to the journal exist at the nexus of religion, education, the arts, and social justice.

In the December 2012 issue of CrossCurrents:

“Modernist Theologies” by Stephen Sicari

“Development, Religion, and Modernity in Palestine‐Israel” by Timothy Seidel

“Thinking the Trinity as Resource for Feminist Theology Today?” by Hannah Bacon

“Peter the Great's Utopia: St. Petersburg as an Asian City” by Yelena Mazour‐Matusevich

“A Generous Peace and Boundless Love: Expanding Thomas Berry's Cosmology of Peace: by Matthew Eaton

“Worldviews on Fire: Understanding the Inspiration for Congregational Religious Environmentalism” by Erin Lothes Biviano

“Mak Nyah Bodies as Sacred Sites: Uncovering the Queer Body‐Sacramentality of Malaysian Male‐to‐Female Transsexuals” by Joseph N. Goh

“The Soul of China: A Durkheimian Perspective on Religion and the Mainland” by Keith Kerr and Bai Juntao