Analog Cookbook Issue #2

Edited by Kate E. Hinshaw, Andi Avery

Analog Cookbook Issue #2

90 pp., 6 x 9

  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4696-7671-5
    Published: January 2020

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Essays, films, and other work featured in Analog Cookbook 2:

* “Cyanotypes” Interview with Sehera Nawaz

* “Sister Portal” Story by Skye Thompson

* “Altered Iconic Cultural Images” Interview with Michael Fleming

* “Herbal Developers” Recipe by General Treegan

* “Call for Submission: Let’s Be a Forest” by Stefanie Weberhofer

* “Doing the Reel Thing” Essay by Stefanie Weberhofer

* “Fox Wound - Super Swimsuit Super 8mm Music Film” Interview with Rosalia Parra

* “Printing Digital Video to 16mm film” by Laura Conway

* “Guide to Processing 16mm Kodak B/W Reversal” Recipe by Nikola Dyulgyarov and Tish Stringer

* “35mm Photography” by Charlie Mirador

* “Be Kind, Please” excerpts from a film by Ace Mccoll adapted for text

* “What is a Moment” Essay by Andrés Porras

* “Reflect + Process” 16mm films and Recipes by Emily M Van Loan

* “Film Soup” Photos by Beth Maciorowski

* “Super 8 / sci-fi / my Dad and me” Story by Ben Barton

* “Basilisk” Recipe and thoughts by Autojektor

* “Making a Bolex EBM Adapter” Guide by Thomas Paul Wilson

* “Analog Horror” Thoughts by Caity Arthur

* “Elemental” Interview with Dani Smith

* “The Valley : Exquisite Corpse series” by Thom Kuo

* “Solarization” Recipe by Svava Valdis Tergesen

* “Lining” Interview with Britany Gunderson

* “On Film Challenges” By Mona Fani

* “35mm Photography” Interview with Sacred Hatreds

* “Wasted Films” Interview with Mads Madison

* “Amnesia” Experimental video art piece by Shane Dedman

* “Mother Feather 16mm Documentary” Interview with Jess Giacobbe