Analog Cookbook Issue #3

Edited by Kate E. Hinshaw, Andi Avery

Analog Cookbook Issue #3

106 pp., 6

  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4696-7672-2
    Published: October 2020

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Essays, films, and other work featured in Analog Cookbook 3:

* “Untitled (photogenic)” Mixed Media Collage by Charlie Mirador

* “Antiplano” 8mm film with Felipe Bellocq

* “Flow State” Super 8mm Film by Avant Kinema

* “Self (Alchemy)” Recipe by Azucena Losana

* “Background Material” 16mm film by Britany Gunderson

* “Sorrow Shared” Essay and Recipe by Gabby Sumney & Hogan Seidel

* “The Creative Use of Tapes” Recipe by Ignacio Tamarit

* “O Amor É Uma Ato Revolucionário” Super 8mm Film by Ivan Salamão and Nayana Ferreira

* “Viola Vs. The Vampire King” Super 8mm film

* “Infusion No. 1” 16mm Film by Lauren Henschel

* “Untitled (car and road)” 35mm stills by Nolan Barry

* “Cochineal in Analog Film and Photography” Recipe by Pablo Martinez-Zarate

* 35mm Stills by Robert C. Banks

* “The Lost Leaders Project” Essay by Matt Soar

* “Into the Zone (Anthology of Accounts & Findings)” 16mm film by “Rachel Guardiola” Interview

* “Snapshots” 16mm film by Robyn Ehrlich

* 35mm Stills by Rita Harper

* “Scenes From a Transient Home” Super 8mm by Roger Horn

* “Lumen” Super 8mm Film by Sarah Seené

* “Grand-Maman Piano” Super 8mm by Guillaume Vallée

* “Commute” 16mm film by Scott Lazer

* “Between Two Worlds: a Guide on Multi-Exposing Super 8mm Film” Recipe by Tom Schulte

* “Studying Degradation in Disaster Essay by Zoe Grace Marquedant

* 35mm and 120mm Film by Roxy Beat