Analog Cookbook Issue #5

Edited by Kate E. Hinshaw, Andi Avery, Hogan Seidel, Gabby Sumney

Analog Cookbook Issue #5

80 pp., 6 x 9

  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4696-7674-6
    Published: May 2022

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Distributed for Analog Cookbook LLC

Essays, films, and other work featured in Analog Cookbook 5:

* “@Katsakh” Interview with Chantal Partamian

* “Typefilm” Essay by João Reynaldo

* “Open Source Analog Resources” Interview with Matt McWilliams

* “Building an R8 Optical Printer” Guide by Sandy McLennan

* “Lights, camera, hair!” Interview with Tristen Ives

* “Silver Gelatin Photograms” Interview with Maureen Mulhern-White

* “The Halide Project” Feature by Andi Avery

* “Memeing the future” Interview with @24memespersecond

* “Salin” Interview with Anne-Marie Bouchard

* “Alive in Death” Interview with Maliyamungu Muhande

* “Opaline” Interview with Alix Galdin

* “Reactive Experiments” Interview by Gabriel Bryant

* “No Name Cinema” Interview with Justin Rhody

* “A Prayer for Elvis” Interview with Andy Ray