Dawn Durante

I acquire books on topics that span history and cultural studies, with commitments to African American history and Black studies, women’s history and particularly Black women’s history, and general history since the 1900s. I approach these subject areas broadly, and I am especially interested in collaborating with authors who interrogate systems and institutions or who trouble disciplinarity at the intersections of these areas, including Black feminist studies, girlhood studies and history of girlhood, and carceral studies. I aim to foster projects by and about historically excluded voices and groups, and I work with authors writing trade, crossover, or academic books that offer new modes of understanding historical dynamics or fresh perspectives on the context of our present.

Prior to joining UNC Press in 2022, I was Editor-in-Chief at University of Texas Press and a senior acquiring editor at University of Illinois Press. I hold a BA from University of Arizona, where I was first introduced to scholarly publishing with an internship at the University of Arizona Press. I also earned an MA and a Scholar Publishing Graduate Certificate from Arizona State University. Currently, I am a member of the editorial collective for Feeding the Elephant, a scholarly communications forum, on H-Net’s Book Channel. You can follow me on Twitter @dawnd.



Email: dawn.durante@uncpress.org
Twitter: @dawnd