Elaine Maisner

Elaine MaisnerElaine Maisner, Executive Editor

I publish scholarly and general interest books that shape and influence understanding in religion, Latin America and the Caribbean, and food studies. In these areas, as well as in the regional trade books that I acquire, I enjoy working closely with authors who have expertise and willingness to collaborate in order to realize greater visibility and wide-ranging audiences for their books. I frequently commission books and welcome the submission of proposals at any stage of development.

Our broad-based program in religious studies and the history of religion extends globally, and our books illuminate the varieties, lived practices, histories, meanings, and effects of religion, from a variety of disciplinary approaches. Our Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks series highlights books that connect the Islamic tradition to contemporary ways of understanding. Our Where Religion Lives series represents the best in ethnographies of religion. 

The Press’s Latin American and Caribbean studies books, including those in our Envisioning Cuba series, likewise draw on multiple disciplines and embrace a wide range of realities and themes, including a special emphasis on histories of enslavement, freedom, and citizenship throughout the Atlantic world. In both religious studies and Latin American and Caribbean studies, I am adding projects relating to medicine, science, and technology as well as biographies. 

Our food studies list includes a range of disciplines and geographies, and the titles here often relate to issues of justice, migration, and the environment. In regional trade, my specialties include foodways and cookbooks, gardening, horticulture, and natural history, as well as books about pressing contemporary concerns in southern life.

I have a degree in English from Oberlin College and worked at Yale University Press and Tokyo University Press before joining UNC Press in 1994.


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Email: elaine.maisner@uncpress.org
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