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Save 40% on UNC Press books during our American History SALE! See details.

Elaine Maisner

Elaine Maisner, Executive EditorElaine Maisner, Executive Editor

Books that promise to influence conversations within and beyond the academy in the fields of religious studies, Latin American and Caribbean studies, and regional trade—books about North Carolina or the South and aimed to appeal to general readers—are my primary focus. I enjoy working closely with authors who have expertise and a willingness to collaborate with an editor and the Press to realize greater visibility for their books. Our broad-based program in religious studies encompasses U.S. religions, religions of the Americas, and Islamic studies worldwide. The varieties, lived practices, histories, meanings, and effects of religion are articulated and illuminated in our publications. Studies of Islam that connect the tradition to contemporary ways of understanding are of particular interest. Our Latin American and Caribbean studies books often encompass important realities and themes, such as the history of enslavement, throughout the Americas and the Atlantic world. In regional trade, my specialties include cookbooks, foodways, gardening, and natural history, as well as books about pressing contemporary concerns in southern life. I frequently commission books and welcome the submission of proposals, and I am also interested in developing books that can be used effectively in teaching.

I studied English at Oberlin College and worked at Yale University Press and Tokyo University Press before joining UNC Press in 1994.


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Phone: 919-962-0810
Twitter: @elainemaisner

Elaine is assisted by Andrew Winters.