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For a reader-friendly tour of everything you might want to know about publishing a book with UNC Press, please visit our new online resource, The Publishing Process: A Guide for Authors.

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Here’s some information you’ll need when preparing your manuscript for publication.

A Short Guide to Manuscript Formatting and Materials
Permissions Materials
Submitting Digital Art
Author’s Guide to Marketing
Author’s Guide to Author Appearances (PDF)

A Short Guide to Manuscript Formatting and Materials

A Short Guide to Manuscript Formatting and Materials (PDF)
A Short Guide to Manuscript Formatting and Materials (DOC)
This brief guide highlights the matters you should attend to first as you begin to focus your attention on questions of style, formatting, and file management. The guidance that follows is geared specifically to your FINAL manuscript that will be transmitted for copyediting; manuscripts submitted for peer review are not required to follow all the standards below. Nevertheless, because formatting and file naming can involve many small details, we urge you to begin this work as soon as possible.

Permissions Materials

Permissions Guide (PDF)
This document is meant to guide you through the world of text and image permissions. It also explains the other permissions documents and forms listed below. Please download the permissions guide as soon are you’re able, and contact your editor early and often with any questions.

Letter for Permission Requests

Reprint Permission Request (PDF)
Reprint Permission Request (DOC)

Permission Log for Illustrations

Art Permission Log (XLSX)

Permission Log for Text

Text Permission Log (XLSX)

Submitting Digital Art

Digital Art Guidelines (pdf)
In a digital world, keeping guidelines up-to-date can often be a challenge. If you have any questions about the information here, or if you want to confirm that the information here is current, please contact our Director of Design and Production, Kim Bryant.

Questions about your royalties?

For information or questions on royalties or royalty statements, please contact Jami Clay in the UNC Press accounting department.