Journal of Best Practices in Health Professions Diversity: Research, Education and Policy

Edited by Dr. Peggy Valentine, Winston-Salem State University

Frequency: Spring and Fall

Latest Issue: Volume 11, Number 2, Fall 2018

Size: 7.25 x 9.5

Bibliographic Information: ISSN: 2475-2843


The Journal of Best Practices in Health Professions Diversity is a publication from the School of Health Sciences at Winston-Salem State University. Its mission is to provide a forum for the discussion of factors that promote or constrain the development and sustainability of a diverse health professions workforce. The journal is directed toward educators, policy makers and the health community. It is a bi-annual published source of information on maximizing recruitment and retention of culturally diverse health professions and students in the healthcare professional areas. For more information visit the School of Health Sciences at Winston-Salem State University’s web page for the journal.

logos for Winston-Salem State University and the National Association of Medical Minority Educators, Inc.Dr. Peggy Valentine is Dean and Professor of the School of Health Sciences at Winston-Salem State University.

The journal is sponsored by the National Association of Medical Minority Educators and the North Carolina Alliance for Health Professions Diversity.

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Peggy Valentine, EdD, FASAHP,  Winston-Salem State University

Acting Managing Editor & Art/Layout Editor

Elijah Onsomu, MPH, PhD, CHES, Winston-Salem State University

Associate Editor

JoAnne Banks, PhD, RN, Winston-Salem State University

Assistant to the Acting Managing Editor

Lakisha Crews, MS

Copy Editor

Julie Edelson, PhD, Wake Forest University

Editorial Board

Leslie Allison, PT, PhD, Winston-Salem State University
Stephen Aragon, PhD, Winston-Salem State University
JoAnne Banks, PhD, RN, Winston-Salem State University
Elizabeth Brown, PhD, Tennessee State University
Lenora Campbell, PhD, RN, North Carolina A&T State University
Vera Campbell, PhD, Hampton University
Lee Caplan, PhD, Morehouse School of Medicine
Cheryl Davis, DHA, Tuskegee University
Vanessa Duren-Robinson, PhD, MS, Winston-Salem State University
Christopher Edwards, PhD, BCIAC, IABMCP, Duke University Medical Center
Cynthia Hughes Harris, PhD, Florida A&M University
Denisha L. Hendricks, PhD, Kentucky State University
Owen Johnson, DrPH, Tennessee State University
Francis Abuga Ndemo, PhD, Hampton University
Elijah Onsomu, PhD, MPH, MS, MCHES, Winston-Salem State University
Shelly Powers, PA-C, MC, Howard University
Joan Reede, MD, Harvard University
Peggy Valentine, EdD, FASAHP, Winston-Salem State University
Ellen Yancey, PhD, Morehouse School of Medicine
Bernadette Williams York, PT, DSC, GCS, Alabama State University


Cedric Bright, MD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lester Brigman, DNP
Doris Boutain, PhD, RN, University of Washington
Vivian Carter, PhD, MHR, Tuskegee University
Robin Dock, PhD, LPC, LPC-S, ACS, CRC, Winston-Salem State University
Deana Evans, PhD, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
John L. Garland, PhD, BCC, GCDF, Alabama State University
Susan Hall, RNC, MSN, Winston-Salem State University
Mark Hand, PhD, RN, Durham Technical Community College
Jennifer Johnson, DNP, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Jennifer Jones-Locklear, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Kimya Nance, PhD, RN, Winston-Salem State University
TaKasha Railey, RN, MSN, CCRN, Winston-Salem State University

Table of Contents

Fall 2018: Volume 11, Number 2

Editor’s Foreword

A Commitment to Action
Peggy Valentine, EdD, FASAHP

NAMME President’s Foreword

Standing Firm in a Changing Climate
Charles N. Collier, Jr., MS

Original Research

The Lack of Diversity in Healthcare: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions
Christina A. Goode, PhD
Thomas Landefeld, PhD

First-Generation Medical Student Wellness in the United States: A Cross-Sectional Snapshot
Hyacinth R. C. Mason, PhD, MPH CHES
Jeffrey Winseman, MD
Roselande Marcellon, MS, BA
Marilyn Huamantla, BS
Carolina Ruiz, BS
Erine E. Ayala, PhD

Persistence in Nutrition Education and Credentialing among Low-Income Minority Students: A Qualitative Exploratory Study
Kate G. Burt, PhD, RD
Kathleen Delgado, MS, RD
Jennifer O’hara
Jesse Gissen, RD
Marina Stopler, MS, RD, IBCLC

Nursing Patient-Centeredness Improves African-American Female Medicare Patients’ Experience-of-Care
Stephen J. Aragon, PhD
Dennis R. Sherrod, EdD
Laura J. McGuinn, MD, RN
Sabina B. Gesell, PhD

Are There Differences in Marital-Role Quality Between Women and Their Male Partners Who Conceived Via IVF and Those Who Did Not?
Morine Cebert, MSN, FNP-C
Susan Silva, PhD
Eleanor L. Stevenson, PhD, RN

Perspective on Diversity and Inclusion

Global Health Equity
Kristina Brodit, DNP( s), PT, GCS
Hamdy Radwan, PhD, MS, PT, CMP

Race, Gender, and Health Equity
Kendall M. Campbell, MD


The Impact of an Interactive Mentoring Organization Model on Advancing Diversity
Jordyn Higgins, PharmD(c)
Felicia Britt, PharmD(c)
Sarah Hanson, PharmD(c)
Matt Davidson, PharmD(c)
Donna Steinbacher, PharmD(c)
Carla White, BS Parm, RPh

The Gradmother Principle: The Sociological Imagination Applied to Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology
Samuel K. Williams III, MD, CPG

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