south: a scholarly journal

Edited by Sharon P. Holland, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Latest Issue: Volume 51, Number 1: Fall 2018

Bibliographic Information: ISSN: 2470-9506


With the publication of Volume 51, Number 1: Fall 2018 (forthcoming), south will cease its print and digital publication. The work that the editors of south began will continue in another initiative, Critical Ethnic Studies/Critical Ethnic South, led by a group of faculty across the College of Arts and Sciences at UNC-Chapel Hill. For more information visit the south website.

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Sharon P. Holland

Table of Contents

Vol. 51, No. 1: Fall 2018
Special Issue: Quaring Childhood
Guest Edited by Katherine Henninger

Editor’s Note
Sharon P. Holland

The Project of Quaring Childhood
Katherine Henninger

Birthing America’s Kweer: Motherless Children Preach the Gospel of Mercy
L. Lamar Wilson

Unattached Women Raising Cain: Spinsters Touching Orphans in Anne of Green Gables and Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Holly Blackford

Southern Floods and Reproduction on the Roof: Tennessee Williams’s Kingdom of Earth and Quare Ecology
Joseph T. Carson

The Queer Silences of Jim Grimsley’s Winter Birds
James A. Crank

Once upon a Time . . .
Calvin Marquis Morris

Building the Worlds of Our Dreams: Black Girlhood and Quare Narratives in African American Literature
Janaka Bowman Lewis

On Witnessing: James Baldwin’s Southern Experience and the Quareness of Black Sociality
Brittney Michelle Edmonds

Boys Erased and the Trouble with Coaching: Confronting Male-Male Sexual Violence in the Age of #MeToo
Eric Solomon


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