María García

María García, Assistant Editor

As assistant editor, I support Mark Simpson-Vos’s scholarly, cross-over, and general-interest lists in American studies, Native American and Indigenous studies, gender and sexuality, and Civil War history, as well as his interests in acquiring books about North Carolina, the South, and American music. My interests lie primarily, but not exclusively, in social sciences methodologies, and I am particularly enthusiastic about books that explore the complicated relationships between technology and culture, race, gender, power, and democracy. Such work may come from disciplines including anthropology, history, sociology, and information sciences, and I am interested in work situated between and across these fields as well.


I received a B.A. in anthropology from Brown University, where I focused in cultural anthropology, material culture studies, and archaeology. I worked on the physical sciences list at Princeton University Press and the information science, communications, and culture and technology lists at MIT Press before joining the UNC Press staff in 2021.


Twitter: @MariGarrr