María Isela García

María Isela García, Editor

Pronouns: she/her

My acquiring interests lie primarily, but not exclusively, in historical and social sciences methodologies like ethnography and media archaeology; and I am particularly enthusiastic about books that explore the complicated relationships between technology, media, culture, structures of power, and the environment. Such work may come from core disciplinary areas, but I am interested in interventions situated between and across these fields as well. Key thematic interests include formal and informal infrastructures; studies of mundane material culture, including food and waste; health and healthcare; borders and migration; marginality; and ecology. 

As an editor, I seek projects that foreground source communities and strive to honor and be accessible to those communities while remaining rigorous and critical in their scholarship. In a similar vein, I aim to be a strong support to all my authors and to create an accessible publishing experience in service of this work. 

I received a B.A. in anthropology from Brown University, where I focused in cultural anthropology, material culture studies, and archaeology. I worked on the physical sciences list at Princeton University Press and the information science, communications, and culture and technology lists at MIT Press before joining the UNC Press staff in 2021. 



X: @MariGarrr