How to Order and Access Journal Content

Print Subscriptions and Society Memberships

We have a partnership with Duke University Press (DUP) for print subscriptions and society memberships. From each journal page, you can use an online shopping cart to place your subscription or membership order. Agencies are eligible for a discount on the institutional rate. If you have questions about an existing subscription or membership please contact DUP Journals Services:

Digital Access

New issues for many of our journals are available through Project MUSE, with back issues available through JSTOR, ProQuest, and EBSCO. Visit each journal page and look for digital access links in the lower menu. Please note that free digital access is only available to people using an IP network address associated with an institution subscribed to Project MUSE or another platform.

Back Issue & Single Issue Orders

We handle our own back issue fulfillment. Six of our journals are available for purchase through our book sales platform: Appalachian Review, CrossCurrents, The Journal of Best Practices in Health Professions Diversity, The North Carolina Literary Review, The Greensboro Review, and Southern Cultures. Just click on the links to pull up the list of issues that are available through the UNC Press website or order them through a bookseller of your choice.

The other journals are available by emailing us at Please indicate which issues you are looking for; your ship to and bill to address; and your contact email and phone. We will follow up with you to complete the order.

You also have the option to buy most of our journal issues or articles as PDFs through Project MUSE.