Gender and American Culture

The Gender and American Culture series, guided by feminist perspectives, examines the social construction and influence of gender and sexuality within the full range of American cultures. Books in the series explore the intersection of gender (both female and male) with such markers of difference as race, class, and region. The series presents outstanding scholarship from all areas of American studies–including history, literature, religion, folklore, ethnography, and the visual arts–that investigates in a thoroughly contextualized and lively fashion the ways in which gender works with and against these markers. In so doing, the series seeks to reveal how these complex interactions have shaped American life.

Series Editors

Thadious Davis, University of Pennsylvania
Mary Kelley, University of Michigan

Advisory Board

Nancy Cott, Harvard University
Jane Sherron De Hart, University of California at Santa Barbara
John D’Emilio, University of Illinois at Chicago
Linda Kerber, University of Iowa
Annelise Orleck, Dartmouth College
Nell Painter, Princeton University
Janice A. Radway, Northwestern University
Robert Reid-Pharr, CUNY Graduate Center
Noliwe Rooks, Cornell University
Barbara Sicherman, Trinity College
Cheryl Wall, Rutgers University
Annette Kolodny (Emerita)