Microbes: The World Within

High School Exploration

By North Carolina State University 4-H

Microbes: The World Within

152 pp., 8.5 x 11, 100 color images, appends

  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7329-8232-1
    Published: January 2019

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Distributed for the North Carolina 4-H

The unseen world of bacteria, the microscopic kingdom of life, has an enormous impact on our everyday lives. This book will provide a diverse look of lessons and activities that seek to provide participants with an interactive look at the microbial world from a variety of approaches.

Participants are introduced to the amazing breadth of this group as they become familiar with the distinguishing characteristics of some representative bacteria that are commonly found in association with humans.

In this book, you'll....

* Understand the important concept of the microbiome - the populations of bacteria that inhabit all of our bodies and that contribute to health as well as disease.

* Investigate environmental factors that can affect the growth of bacterial populations.

* Practice basic lab techniques that are mainstays for anyone seeking to work in a research or lab environment.

* Investigate the mechanisms by which the human body keeps any harmful invaders at bay.

* Understand the importance of public health organizations and the surveillance of infectious disease.

* Model several tools currently available to scientists for identifying bacteria at the molecular level.