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Founded in 1965, Early American Literature is the journal of the Division on American Literature to 1830 of the Modern Language Association. It is the only journal that focuses on the scholarship and criticism of American literature through the early national period. It typically includes six essays, an essay review or forum, and several book reviews. For more information, visit Early American Literature‘s website.

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Marion Rust is Professor of English at the University of Kentucky.  She received her undergraduate degree in comparative literature from Harvard and her PhD in Modern Thought and Literature from Stanford. She has published two books about Susanna Rowson and numerous articles and essays on topics ranging from gender and the personal voice in early Americanist scholarship (American Literature and Legacy), to concepts of intellectual property in the early republic (Studies in American Fiction), to empire studies (Women of the Early Americas and the Formation of Empire) and mass psychogenic illness (Common-Place).

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Book Prize

Lindsay DiCuirci, Associate Professor of English at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), has been selected to receive the 2020 Early American Literature Book Prize, which is awarded in even calendar years to a first monograph published in the prior two years, and in odd years to a second or subsequent book. DiCuirci’s Colonial Revivals: The Nineteenth-Century Lives of Early American Books was published by the University of Pennsylvania Press in 2019.

Open Access Article

Scholars specializing in early American literature have a duty to the public to raise awareness of how past events and beliefs impact our current lives–especially in the midst of a global pandemic and nationwide protests against systemic racism. This is why EAL has decided to provide Christopher Trigg’s essay, “The Racial Politics of Resurrection in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World”, open-access on their website. You can read the full article at the following link:

“The Racial Politics of Resurrection in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World,” by Christopher Trigg



Marion Rust, University of Kentucky

Co-Editor for Reviews

Katy Chiles, University of Tennessee

Advisory Editor

Sandra M. Gustafson, University of Notre Dame

Editorial Associate

Christi Stanforth

Assistant Editor

Alex Gergely

Digital Media Editor

Abigail Eplin

Editorial Assistant for Reviews

Henry Kirby

Editorial Board

Nicole Aljoe, Northeastern University
Wendy Bellion, University of Delaware
Yael Ben-zvi, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Lisa Brooks, Amherst College
Sarah Chinn, Hunter College, CUNY
Patrick Erben, University of West Georgia
Elizabeth Hewitt, Ohio State University
Zach Hutchins, Colorado State University
Greta LaFleur, Yale University
Rodrigo Lazo, University of California, Irvine
Cedrick May, University of Texas at Arlington
Andrew Newman, Stony Brook University
Joseph Rezek, Boston University
Gordon Sayre, University of Oregon
Derrick Spires, Cornell University
Rhondda Thomas, Clemson University
Karen Weyler, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Caroline Wigginton, University of Mississippi


Table of Contents

Volume 58, Number 2

EAL Book Prize for 2022

Richard Beale Davis Prize for 2021

Editor’s Note
Marion Rust


Destination Potosí and the “Mountain That Eats Men”
John Demos


Olaudah Equiano’s Enchantments
Bryan C. Williams

Charity Bryant and the Queer Affordances
of the Early American Acrostic
Jennifer Putzi

William Apess’s Indian Nullification:
Narrating Mashpee Wampanoag Sovereignty in
Nineteenth-Century America and Beyond
Rochelle Raineri Zuck


How Is a Rebus Like a Time Machine?
Paul Lewis

Review Essays

Toward a More Complicated South: New Work
in Southeastern Indigenous Studies
Gina Caison

The Inseparability of Race and Religion in Early American History
Zachary McLeod Hutchins

Toward a Literary History of Quaker Writing in the Atlantic World
Jay David Miller

Adjusting to Change: New Interpretations, Old Histories,
and the Challenges to Surviving the Colonial Americas
Josefrayn Sánchez-Perry

Language, Pictography, and Cross-Cultural Communication in New Spain
Michael J. Schreffler

Book Reviews

Thomas Hallock, Laurel V. Hankins, Lu Jin, Shelby Johnson, Thomas Koenigs,
Mary Anne Lutz, Peter P. Reed, Yvette R. South, Jordan L. Von Cannon

Resources for Early American Studies

Will Fenton, John Hay

Conference Reviews

Sophie Hess, Jennifer W. Reiss

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