The Comparatist

Edited by Zahi Zalloua, Whitman College

Frequency: Annually (October)

Latest Issue: Volume 44, October 2020

Size: 6" x 9", approx 175 pages

Bibliographic Information: ISSN: Print 0195-7678; Digital 1559-0887


Awarded the Phoenix Prize for Significant Editorial Achievement by the Council of Editors of Learned Journals in 1996, The Comparatist is a dynamic, well-established journal of comparative literature that has appeared annually since 1977. Its areas of focus include the comparative study of literature, cultural movements, and the arts; and literary and cultural theory. Members of the Society for Comparative Literature and the Arts receive a subscription to The Comparatist. For more information, visit The Comparatist‘s website.

Zahi Zalloua is associate professor of French in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at Whitman College.

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Zahi Zalloua

Table of Contents

Volume 44 October 2020
Editor’s Column

A Passion for Being
by Zahi Zalloua


The Material Turn and the Fantasy to Undo Modernity
by Benjamin Boysen and Jesper Lundsfryd Rasmussen

Being in the World, According to Badiou
by Brian O’Keeffe

Torsional Materialism: Artwork Beyond the Immanence/Transcendence Divide
by Andrija Filipović

“Can We Relinquish the Transcendental?” Malabou and Foucault on the Kantian Organism”
by I. A. Roland-Rodríguez

Political Ontogenesis: (Through) Affects (Towards) Becoming (and) Immanent Critique
by Denis Petrina

Antiphilosophy in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon: Is Black Suicide Possible?
by Adrián I. P-Flores

“To exist is to survive unfair choices”: “Tribal Ontology” in the Netflix Originals Series The OA
David Sweeney

The New New Criticism: Antitheory, Autonomy, and the Literary Text from Object-Oriented Ontology to Postcritique
by Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Enjoyment as an Ontological Factor
by Russel Sbriglia

Examining the “principle of philosophical sufficiency”: Of ontology and its philosophical limitations
by Katerina Kolozova

General Articles

Submission Beyond Islam: Yielding as Organizing Principle in Michel Houellebecq’s Novels
by Karl Ågerup

The Secret and Universal Relevance of Johann Scheffler’ (Angelus Silesius’s) Epigrams: Mystico-Philosophical Messages from the World of the Baroque for the Twenty-First Century
by Albrecht Classen

A Passion for the Past: History, Narrative and Desire in Stendhal and Tanizaki
by Roderick Cooke

Balzac, Flaubert, Clar.n: Practices of Symptomatic and Surface Reading in Leopoldo Alas’s La Regenta
by Matt Johnson

Debits and Credits or Accounting for my Life: A Defense of Reading and Humanistic Education
by Paul Allen Miller

Narrative at Its Boiling Point: Marguerite Duras, Georges Bataille, and the Quest for the Sacred
by François-Nicolas Vozel

Scatter, Proto-Democracy, and the Non-Political Opening of Politics
by Geoffrey Bennington

Review Essays

Jacques Lezra, Untranslating Machines. A Genealogy For The Ends of Global Thought
Brian O’Keeffe

Philip Leonard, Orbital Poetics: Literature, Theory, World
Christian Moraru


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