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The Comparatist

Edited by Zahi Zalloua, Whitman College

The Comparatist, volume 42, October 2018

Frequency: Annually (October)

Latest Issue: Volume 42, October 2018

Size: 6" x 9", approx 175 pages

Bibliographic Information: ISSN: 0195-7678


Awarded the Phoenix Prize for Significant Editorial Achievement by the Council of Editors of Learned Journals in 1996, The Comparatist is a dynamic, well-established journal of comparative literature that has appeared annually since 1977. Its areas of focus include the comparative study of literature, cultural movements, and the arts; and literary and cultural theory. For more information, visit The Comparatist‘s website.

Zahi Zalloua is associate professor of French in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at Whitman College.

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Zahi Zalloua

Table of Contents

Volume 42 October 2018
Editor’s Column

Traversing the Fantasy of Postraciality
by Zahi Zalloua

Figuring Race

Unloosened Forms, Untranslatable Concerns and Unformed Solidarities: The Limits of American Notions of Race in Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies
by Nandini Dhar

Nobody’s Protest Novel: Novelistic Strategies of the Black Lives Matter Movement
by Vincent Haddad

The American Subplot: Colson Whitehead’s Post-Racial Allegory in Zone One
by Grace Heneks

Real/Talk: Glenn Ligon’s Re-Membering of Queerness in (Post-) Black Discourse
by Robert LaRue

“White on White and Black”: The Terror of Whiteness in Sarah Kane’s Crave
by Meg Peters

Racial Enfleshment and Transpacific Modalities of Relation
by Michelle O’Brien

A Phenomenological Reading of Gendered Racialization in Arab Muslim American Women’s Cultural Productions
by Alexandra Magerue

The Specter of the Blackamoor: Figuring Africa and the Orient
by Ella Shohat

You (Shall) Have the Body: Patterns of Life in the Shadow of Guantánamo
by Keith Feldman

General Articles

Transnational Collaboration in Yeats’ The Herne’s Egg: The Swami, the Poet & the Play
by Abid Vali

Reading Balzac’s Eugénie Grandet (1833) in Julien Green’s Adrienne Mesurat (1927)
by Hope L. Christiansen

Girls and Dolls
by Erin K. Hogan

The Dead-Ends and Detours of History: Film Noir Trauma in Juan Martini’s El fantasma imperfecto
by Erik Larson

Modernity in a Wartime Tramcar: Temporal Contestations and Individual Subjectivity in Eileen Chang’s “Sealed Off”
by Leihua Weng

Resistance is Futile: The Cultural Politics of Transformation in the Digital Age
by Peter Hitchcock

Contagious Metaphors: Liturgies of Early Modern Plague
by Kathleen Hines (2016 Rutledge Prize Winner)

Review Essays

Lital Levy, Poetic Trespass
by Riki Traum

Teodora Dumitru, The Network of Modernities: Paul de Man–Matei Călinescu–Antoine Compagnon
Alexandru Matei, Roland Barthes: Romanian Mythologies
Carmen Muşat, The Beautiful Stranger: Literature and the Paradoxes of Theory
Adriana Stan, The Linguistic Bastion: A Comparative History of Structuralism in Romania
by Laura Savu Walker

Rebecca L. Walkowitz, Born Translated: The Contemporary Novel in an Age of World Literature
by Christian Moraru

Toril Moi, Revolution of the Ordinary: Literary Studies After Wittgenstein, Austin, and Cavell
by Brian O’Keefe


Debjani Ganguly, This Thing Called the World: The Contemporary Novel as Global Form
review by Beth Miller

Amy Hungerford, Making Literature Now
review by Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Sarah Kay, Animal Skins and the Reading Self in Medieval Latin and French Bestiaries
review by Rob Wakeman

Theodore Martin, Contemporary Drift: Genre, Historicism, and the Problem of the Present
review by Beth Miller

Mari Ruti, The Ethics of Opting Out
review by Chris Coffman

John Stanley, Brian O’Keeffe, Radegundis Stolze, Larisa Cercel (Eds.), Philosophy and Practice in Translational Hermeneutics
review by Mohammad Ali Kharmandar

Eric Hayot and Rebecca L. Walkowitz eds., A New Vocabulary for Global Modernism
review by Marc Keith

Brittany Powell Kennedy, Between Distant Modernities: Performing Exceptionality in Francoist Spain and the Jim Crow South
review by Bainard Cowan

Kadji Amin, Disturbing Attachments: Genet, Modern Pederasty, and Queer History
review by Loic Bourdeau

Steven Salaita, Inter/Nationalism: Decolonizing Native America and Palestine
review by Heather Ashley Hayes

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