InterConnections: The Global 20th Century

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InterConnections: The Global 20th Century

Series Editors:

Julia F. Irwin, Renata Keller, Christopher McKnight Nichols, Jayita Sarkar

InterConnections: The Global 20th Century is home to innovative global, international, and transregional histories of the long twentieth century. We also publish cutting-edge histories of the US and the world, especially scholarship that decenters the United States. Our books emphasize interactions and connections across three principal areas of inquiry: governments, militaries, and non-state actors, including businesses; international organizations, nation-states, and individuals; and foreign and domestic policies. The series showcases work that transcends conventional geographic, temporal, and disciplinary borders, offering fresh and original perspectives on the making of the contemporary world.

Series Editors

Julia F. Irwin, Louisiana State University

Renata Keller, University of Nevada, Reno

Christopher McKnight Nichols, The Ohio State University

Jayita Sarkar, University of Glasgow

Odd Arne Westad, Yale University, Editor Emeritus

Editorial Advisory Board

Debjani Bhattacharyya, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Mario del Pero, Sciences Po, Paris, France

Mary Dudziak, Emory University, USA

Tanya Harmer, London School of Economics, UK

Fabian Klose, University of Cologne, Germany

Elisabeth Leake, Tufts University, USA

Ussama Makdisi, UC Berkeley, USA

Melanie McAlister, George Washington University, USA

Vanessa Ogle, Yale University, USA

Srinath Raghavan, Ashoka University, New Delhi, India

Glenda Sluga, European University Institute Florence, Italy

Catherine Vézina, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas, Mexico

Alden Young, UCLA, USA

Taomo Zhou, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

UNC Press Sponsoring Editors

Debbie Gershenowitz, Executive Editor