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Reacting to the Past is an award­–winning series of immersive role-playing games that actively engage students in their own learning. Students assume the roles of historical characters and practice critical thinking, primary source analysis, and argument, both written and spoken. Reacting games are flexible enough to be used across the curriculum, from first-year general education classes and discussion sections of lecture classes to capstone experiences, intersession courses, and honors programs.

Reacting to the Past was originally developed under the auspices of Barnard College and is sustained by the Reacting Consortium of colleges and universities. The Consortium hosts a regular series of conferences and events to support faculty and administrators.

UNC Press is proud to now be the publisher of Reacting to the Past game books, as of July 1, 2022.  For more information on the transition, including book schedules, placing course adoption orders, and more, please contact Dino Battista at

Examination copies and desk copies information (including how to request FREE electronic exam and desk copies) can be found on our For Educators page.

A list of currently available books is below–as well as the titles we have in process to be available following July 2022.  Click on a title for more information.

Additional resources for instructors are available for many titles. Instructors do not need to be members of the Reacting Consortium to access these basic instructor materials for published games.  All is needed is to set up an instructor account (to prevent students from accessing the role sheets, etc).  Here’s the link for creating a non-member account.

Instructors are, however, encouraged to become members, and membership is offered at a minimal cost.

Visit the Reacting Consortium website for more information.

You are also invited to subscribe to the UNC Press RTTP email list.  You’ll recieve email alerts whenever new game books are published.  To subscribe, click this link.