Analog Cookbook Issue #4

Edited by Kate E. Hinshaw, B. Sonenreich

Analog Cookbook Issue #4

200 pp., 6 x 9

  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4696-7673-9
    Published: April 2021

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Distributed for Analog Cookbook LLC

Essays, films, and other work featured in Analog Cookbook 4:

* “Where Uncertainty Meets Imagination” Essay and photos by John Fitzgerald

* “Day off Vibes” by Melina Kiyomi Coumas

* “Retrato de Análogo // Portrait of Analog” by Jean-Jacques Martinod

* “Landscapes” by Zoe Chronis

* “Postcards for John” by Cody Edison & Christine Wood

* “Film As a Language for Loss” Essay and stills by Ellery Bryan

* “All Dust is Skin” by Meesh Kislyakov

* “Disappearing silence” by Sarah Seené

* “The Bearers of Memories” by Miglė Križinauskaitė-Bernotienė

* “River Ghosts” by Jonathan Onsuwan Johnson

* “Taiga” by Leena Lehti

* “Anthology for Fruits and Vegetables” by Dawn George

* “He Needs Dark to See” by Abigail He

* “Bloom” by Ashley Manigo

* “Babes in the Woods” by Leanna Kaiser

* “Handmade / Homemade” by Michael Lyons

* “Home Office Cinema” by Karissa Hahn

* “Reticulation as a tool for queering the body: compulsory heterosexuality” by Em Van Loan

* “Folly” by Shane Dedman

* “Side Effects May Include” by Claire Donohue

* “Kinky Paradise” by Claudia Rojas

* “The Matters of Black Skin: A Comprehensive Conversation with Frederick Taylor” Interview by B. Sonenreich

* “Hai! Oui! A Dance Between Countries: French and Japanese piano compositions” Conversations by Christine A. Banna

* “Sainte-Croix” by Alix Galdin

* “Bad Dream” by Camilo Diaz

* “Glory Box” by Leanora Olmi

* “Jeux de lumière // Light Plays” by Anne-Marie Bouchard

* “Double X” by Kioto Aoki

* “Instant Vinegar Syndrome Dye Job” by Christine Lucy Latimer

* “Scope” by Olly Knights

* “Zen and the Art of Film Projection” by Markus Maicher