Analog Cookbook Issue #6

Edited by Kate E. Hinshaw, Andi Avery, Hogan Seidel, Gabby Sumney

Analog Cookbook Issue #6

104 pp., 6 x 9

  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4696-7675-3
    Published: December 2022

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Essays, films, and other work featured in Analog Cookbook 6:

* “The Allure: or how I shot my directorial debut on 16mm film + some tips for those looking to direct a narrative work on analog” an essay by Joanna Decc

* “we breathe each other in and out of existence” an installation by Archer Boyette

* “Big Agnes Ascent” a pinhole 16mm film by Kevin Obsatz

* “Letter from Korlai” a short essay film by Aman Wadhan

* “Trengellick Rising: A Cornish language short film and deep dive into a cinematic rabbit hole” an essay by Guy Potter

* “Building an Edge” by Britany Gunderson; “Cyanotype Madness: A Timeline” essay and recipe by Gabby Sumney

* “The Garden of Edén: Solar Equator + Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice” anthotype series by Alejandra Orjuela

* “The Perfect Human” film by Lilan Yang; “King Presley” a documentary by Giovanni Tortorici; “The Samsara I Saw” film by Gabriel D. Evaristo

* “Once + that I have broken into two” essay and film by Ellery Bryan

* “Sun Coming and Casting a Shadow” film by Daniel Robin

* “This Little Light of Mine: Why is Experimental Cinema the best way to talk about epilepsy?” an essay by Malo Sutra Fish

* “Movement and Potential in analog futures” an essay and recipe by Ciccio Coppola

* “Music Film and Series of darkroom lightgraphic prints” by Elvira Akzigitova

* “My Selves Dissolving + Weekend Control By N~KURFEW” film by Danielle Wakin

* “Rainbow Tunnel Films” artist-run full service creative studio by Claire Donohue and Sarah Phenix