The Journal of the Civil War Era


Frequency: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

Latest Issue: Volume 13, 2023

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The Journal of the Civil War Era publishes the most creative new work on the many issues raised by the sectional crisis, war, Reconstruction, and memory of the country’s signal conflict, while bringing fresh understanding to the struggles that defined the period, and by extension, the course of American history in the nineteenth century. The journal was started in 2011 and is published in association with the George and Ann Richards Civil War Era Center at Pennsylvania State University. For more information about the journal, visit

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Kate Masur, Northwestern University

Gregory P. Downs, University of California, Davis

Founding Editor

William Blair, The Pennsylvania State University

Associate Editors

Luke Harlow, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Review Essays

Kathryn Shively, Virginia Commonwealth University, Book Reviews

Hilary N. Green, Davidson College, Digital Media

Managing Editor

Matthew Isham, The Pennsylvania State University

Editorial Assistant

Heather Walser, The Pennsylvania State University

Editorial Board

Paul Barba, Bucknell University
Christopher Bonner, University of Maryland
Brandon R. Byrd, Vanderbilt University
Justene Hill Edwards, University of Virginia
Scott Hancock, Gettysburg College
Hidetaka Hirota, Sophia University
Wayne Hsieh, United States Naval Academy
Beth Lew-Williams, Princeton University
Tamika Nunley, Cornell University
Erika Pani, El Colegio de México
Alaina E. Roberts, University of Pittsburgh
Yael Sternhell, Tel Aviv University
Jameson Sweet, Rutgers
Kidada E. Williams, Wayne State University

Table of Contents

Volume 13, Number 1  March 2023

Editors’ Note

Kate Masur and Gregory P. Downs

The Anthony E. Kaye Memorial Essay Award

A Right to Speak: Formerly Enslaved People and the Political Antislavery
in Antebellum America
Bryan LaPointe


A Legal Confiscation: The 1851 Land Act and the Transformation of
Californios into Colonized Colonizers

Camille Suárez

The “Bull-Dog” in Istanbul: James Longstreet’s Revealing Tour as
US Minister to Turkey, 1880–81
Elizabeth R. Varon

Review Essay

Black Slaves and Indian Owners: The Continuous Rediscovery of Indian Territory
Alaina E. Roberts

Book Reviews
Books Received
Notes on Contributors

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