Andrew Winters

Andrew Winters, photo by Clay FarrAndrew Winters, Associate Editor

I seek to acquire and commission books in U.S. history for readers inside and outside the academy.  My interests range from regional to national to transnational. I am particularly interested in cultural history that investigates how people’s traditions, attitudes, symbols, customs, performance, and more are expressed and explored through structures of gender, race, class, sexuality, power, and global knowledge production. I am interested in work from by a diverse range of subfields including African American history, women’s history, and queer history. I am also interested in considering proposals for work in performance studies.

In addition to my own projects, I collaborate with Debbie Gershenowitz and Brandon Proia in their acquisitions work.

I am a native North Carolinian, hailing from Burlington, N.C. I received a B.A. and an M.A. in history from North Carolina Central University.


Twitter: @AndrewJWinters