Pensar el siglo XIX desde el siglo XXI

Nuevas miradas y lecturas

Edited by Ana Peluffo

Pensar el siglo XIX desde el siglo XXI

284 pp., 6 x 9, notes

  • Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9853-7150-0
    Published: May 2012

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Read as a whole, the essays in Pensar el siglo XIX desde el siglo XXI provide a fruitful discussion about the need to revise some of the canonical paradigms in Latin American nineteenth-century studies. Included in the collection are new and thought-provoking essays that attempt to go beyond the dichotomies that have characterized the cultural genealogy of the field (civilization vs barbarism, country vs. city, letter vs image, tradition vs. modernity, domestic vs. public). By bringing into the discussion recent developments in cultural studies, authors reexamine the nineteenth-century debate about the construction of nations and subjectivities from a wide range of critical perspectives.

About the Author

Ana Peluffo (Argentina) es profesora asociada de la Universidad de California, Davis.
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"In this important book trite and easy theoretical readings of the nation have been dismissed to discover new texts, return to the archival research and reintroduce a rigorous Literary Historicism. Pensar el siglo XIX desde el siglo XXI is a book that every student interested in the 19th Century should know."--Christopher Conway, University of Texas–Arlington

"Pensar el siglo XIX desde el siglo XXI is an essential start up of crucial issues related to the construction of the nation-State in Latin America and the forms of symbolic representations that characterize the 19th-century imaginary."--Mabel Moraña, Washington University