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Latest Issue: Volume 66-1 March 2022

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About the Journal

SECOLAS - Southeastern Council of Latin American Studies logoAs the oldest continuously published Latin American Studies journal, The Latin Americanist is dedicated to comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and tri-lingual coverage of the field—including Latin American history, literature, political science, and anthropology.

The Latin Americanist publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed original articles, review essays, and book reviews, as well as news of the Southeastern Council of Latin American Studies (SECOLAS) and its members. Published quarterly with articles in three languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese), TLA serves as an important international resource for all individuals concerned with Latin American Studies.

About the Editor

Jurgen Buchenau is Chair and Professor of History at UNC Charlotte and the director of the M.A. in Latin American Studies. He has authored or edited a large number of books, articles, and book chapters on Latin American history, with a specialization in twentieth-century Mexico.

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Jürgen Buchenau, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Editor of SECOLAS Annals

Gregory Crider, Winthrop University

Book Review Editor

Colin Snider, University of Texas at Tyler

Editorial Board

Anabel Aliaga-Buchenau, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Rebecca Atencio, Tulane University
Juan Carlos Rodrigo Cordero, Universidad Estatal de Distancia, Costa Rica
Rafael E. Hernández, Converse College
Thomas Leonard, University of North Florida
Fiona Macaulay, University of Bradford, United Kingdom
Stephen D. Morris, Middle Tennessee University
Jean F. Mayer, Concordia University
Louis Pérez, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Thomas Rogers, Emory University
Javier Couso Salas, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile
Bruce Dean Willis, University of Tulsa
James Wood, North Carolina A&T State University

Table of Contents

Volume 66, Number 1, March 2022

José Manuel Batista
The Whitewash of Blackface in Fernando Perez’s José Martí: El ojo del canario (2010)

Jonathan C. Brown
Omar Torrijos and the Sandinista Revolution

Gabrielle Esparza
The Politics of Human Rights Prosecutions: Civil Military Relations during the Alfonsín Presidency

Peter J. Ferdinando
“Recovered amber…at the cost of my royal estate”: Ambergris, Florida Governors, and the Spanish Crown, 1592–1657

Rafael Ocasio
Franz Boas’s trip to Puerto Rico (1915) and the Contemporary Boriken Nation

Javier Eduardo Pabón
Abuelo-palenque: estética, pedagogía, y lucha política en las enseñanzas del Abuelo Zenón/Abuelo-Palenque: aesthetics, pedagogy, and political struggle in the teachings of Abuelo Zenón

Carlos Macías Prieto
The “Other” Sor Juana: Racialized Subjectivities, Languages, and Cultures in the Ensaladilla to the Villancico Series in Honor of San Pedro Nolasco (1677)

Oğuzhan Yener
El establecimiento del Consulado General del Imperio Otomano en Buenos Aires y el papel de la emigración, según los archivos otomanos, 1870–1910

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