Longleaf Services

Longleaf Services, a not-for-profit affiliate of UNC Press, commenced operations on July 1, 2006. Its mission is to provide cost-effective fulfillment and publishing services for university presses. For more information, visit www.longleafservices.org.


Longleaf Services, Inc.
116 S. Boundary Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-3808
Phone 800-848-6224
Fax 800-272-6817
Local and overseas phone: 919-966-7449
Local and overseas fax: 919-962-2704
E-mail inquiries to: customerservice@longleafservices.org
Orders to: orders@longleafservices.org

PUBNET: Longleaf’s SAN is 2033151. Please confirm your account information with us (800-848-6224) before submitting your first PUBNET order.

All books published or distributed by UNC Press are available through bookstores or directly from Longleaf Services, Inc.


Permission to return is not required. Books must be clean, salable copies of titles currently in print as listed on our website at uncpress.org. Full credit allowed if customer supplies correct invoice number; otherwise, maximum discount applies. Please send books prepaid and carefully packed to:

Longleaf Returns
c/o Ingram Distribution Solutions
1280 Ingram Drive
Chambersburg, PA 17202